About Real Estate Wealth and Freedom REWF


REWF was created to help other investors and individuals that want to increase their Revenue in their businesses but a the same time get more Freedom in their personal lives. By creating a community with the same set of mind and with similar interests, helping each other, sharing the tools and the right information, we believe that we can empower the people so evryone can reach their goals much faster.


About Robinson Arias

Partnering with his wife Karen Capote in one of the most successful real estate investments companies in South Florida. Rehabbing and wholesaling properties on the east coast from Miami to Jacksonville. Through their partnerships JV’s Robinson had expanded and scaled his real estate business by sharing knowledge and profits, according to his words ” when you inspire people and help them grow to create wealth, you´ll receive more of what you give, in any business or relationship is about giving more of what you´re receiving, this is the secret to success. ”
The Most Important Thing When partnering Is To Find Someone You Can Trust. Robinson and Karen Have a History Of Success And Integrity In Real Estate That You Can Depend On. They Are An Experienced Negotiators With Expert Knowledge Of The Local Market.
You Can Count On Them To Always Work With You in common Interests that you may have In Mind, And To Represent you And Your Wishes To The Best Of Their Ability.
Every One Of Our Partners Is Unique, And That Is Exactly How We Treat Them. We’re Proud To Say That A High Percentage Of Our Business Comes From referrals or Past Clients From People Who Chose to work with us Time after Time. And Again “We Don’t Measure our Success By Sales, But By The Relationships, We Build Along The Way”.